2015 Update on the presumed descendents of William Rublier and Abigail Brush

Cindy Walcott, on behalf of those researching the Roblee family, has updated her earlier work on the presumed descendants of William Rublier and Abigail Brush.  The report is available for downloading from the link below.   Unlike previous versions (which remain available from the site), this file is not password protected. We do ask that individuals using the file respect Cindy’s great contribution to the family history, and share the file only after giving her credit for this research.

Here’s Cindy’s comment about the file:

“The last update was in 2011. Since that time, I have continued to review my
data periodically, with the goal of making it as accurate and complete as
possible. Since 2011, a growing number of vital records are available on
line on familysearch.org, ancestry.com and other sites. Also, I have made
liberal use of historic newspaper sites, such as fultonhistory.com and
nyshistoricnewspapers.org. They have been especially helpful for New York
families. I have been charmed by all of the local news I found on these
sites. Not only news of birth, marriages and deaths, but a myriad of little
details like who travelled where to visit whom,

“As always, I hope you will take the time to review the information about
your own ancestry, and to correct me where necessary. I have excluded
information about living people, or people presumed to be living, based on
year of birth.

“I think about all of those relatives of ours who died at birth, or during
childhood, or who left no descendants.  In some ways, I feel a special
obligation to them. Who remembers them, or tends their graves?  Let us be
the ones.”

Note: The document is no longer available as it has been superceded by five reports available in the fall of 2018. See the Resources page of this web site.

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1 Response to 2015 Update on the presumed descendents of William Rublier and Abigail Brush

  1. Wendy Gill says:

    Wow! Cindy, this is fabulous work and must have taken you years! Thank you! And thanks to everyone who has contributed information about this huge and diverse family. My brothers and I are the last of my Rublee family line which is quite sad, as my grandfather Merritt was very interested in his family. I just wish I had thought to “pick his brain” a lot more when I had the chance. Take care and happy hunting everyone!

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