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The Roblee genealogy research site is for those developing the family histories of the Roblee surname (sometimes spelled as Robblee or Rublee and including other variations such as Robley, Rublier, Rublyer, and Rubleyer). The site contains prepared pages listing spelling variations, downloadable bibliographic resources, links to photo albums, and other research materials. We invite you to explore, join our automated mailing list, submit comments, and ask questions that will further aid us in researching the history of the Roblee surname and its family members.  This web site is a collaborative effort, managed by Douglas Detling, a Roblee descendent, and supported by a small band of dedicated family historians who have contributed financially or through extensive shared research.

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  1. Wendy Gill says:

    Hi there,
    I was in contact with Cindy about 10 years ago on a genealogy website. I’d love to compare notes again. I’d also love to talk with Bob since he is in Alberta, as I am also in Alberta. This summer I’ve really gotten into the Rublee tree, and have been questioning the whole Joris Jansen de Rapelje connection. I have downloaded several old books from the New York library, and keep finding more questions. There are so many people that I start to get confused after awhile. Anyway, my family supposedly desends from William Roblee but I’m finding the jump from Joris Jansen to William really, really, big. I’m on Ancestry.com – wendygill129. I just find this fascinating and can literally spend hours looking at documents and drawing lines until my eyes don’t work anymore. Hope to hear from someone at some time!

    • Bob Robblee says:

      Hi, Wendy. I have seen your name on several notes on Ancestry about a month ago. First time I have looked at the website in a while. What should we compare? Bob

  2. John Rablee says:

    I working from the current date backwards. Sometime after the War of 1812, Rablee’s/Robblee’s/Roblee’s moved to Michigan and Wisconsin. The Wisconsin connection ends around 1895 (I’m working on that). If anyone can help out on the time between Rueben Rablee and his father would greatly appreciated. Some where I found a Thomas Rublier/Rubliyrd (sp) born around 1670 In Suffolk, England. Trail went cold after that.

    • Bob Robblee says:

      Hi, John. Sorry I did not get this sooner, but Thomas fits my theory as to lineage of our family. Please send me any details that you have for him. Bob Robblee

  3. Jon Chambers says:


    I have some old photos of Henry Francis Rublee’s home and carriage business. Also some questions about the “Publee Band”. Is there an email I can use to send digital photos?

    Thank You,

    • Douglas Detling says:

      You can send the photo to me (doug.detling@gmail.com), and I will share on the site after sizing as appropriate (full size photo can also be shared another way.

      Did you mean “Rublee Band”?

  4. Gary Gauthier says:

    I’m looking for the following document (or updated version) that was, at one time, posted on your site.

    Cindy Walcott and Bob Robblee, “The Descendants of Thomas and John Robblee, Loyalists from New York Who Settled in Nova Scotia: Possible Sons of Andrew Rublier,” report dated November 2012, Douglas Detling, robleesonline.org (https://www.robleesonline.org : downloaded 5 April 2017), https://www.robleesonline.org/pdf/Descendants_of_Loyalists_Thomas_and_John_Robblee.pdf, page 108, item 394.

    It contains the cited reference to Frederick John Harold Schloendorf, who married Vera Louise Robblee in Melfort, Saskatchewan in 1936. Fred Schloendorf was the brother of my wife’s grandfather. I’m trying to locate verifiable birth information for Fred Schloendorf, born 1906, in Polk Co., Minnesota.

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