Family Research DNA Project Started

The surnames of Robblee / Roblee / Rublee/ Rublier or similar are not common names and many descend from the same few immigrant ancestors.  Since the spelling of family names often change over time, this study includes anyone with names that sound similar to Robblee.

The purpose of this DNA project is to:

  1. Determine the relationships between the early Robblee / Roblee / Rublee/ Rublier ancestors.  Of particular interest are the families who arrived in the American Colonies prior to the American Revolution.
  2. Determine if the early Robblee / Roblee / Rublee/ Rublier ancestors were related to the Rapalje family.  There are many old theories that the Robblee/ Rublee/ Rublier families were really descended from Joris Rapalje of New York.  Paper documentation does not support this theory, but YDNA could prove it conclusively.
  3. Determine the origins of the Robblee / Roblee / Rublee/ Rublier ancestors before they arrived in America.  This will require participation of men from counties outside of America. 

The complete description is available here.

To join the Robblee Family DNA project:

  1. Go to the website for FamilyTreeDNA
  2. Select the type of DNA kit that you want to test.
  3. YDNA: If you are taking the YDNA test, there are several levels.  The higher the level, the more “markers” that are tested and the higher the cost.  We highly recommend taking at least the 67-marker YDNA test.  The highest level of testing is the BigY700 test.  The 67-marker kit can give very general information on if two men are distantly related.  The BigY700 level measures 700-markers and helps us to get into details of how closely two or more family lines are related and how many generations back in time do the two men share a common ancestor. 
  4. FTDNA company offers frequent sales on their DNA tests.  These are usually around holidays, like Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Years, and others. 
  5. Once you return your kit to FTDNA, you can go online to the website and register your kit.  That will give you your own webpage.  Once your DNA has been analyzed by the company (this can take several months), your own webpage is where you’ll find your results.  This is where you’ll find information on your DNA matches.  This is also where you can join projects, so please be sure to join the Robblee DNA project.  We are accepting members for all types of DNA including YDNA, mtDNA, and aDNA.  Please also enter you family tree information including at least your Robblee / Roblee / Rublee/ Rublier or Rapalje family lines.
  6. If you have any questions, please contact the project administrator (Lynda K McGinnis; descendant of William Robblee of Lanesboro MA):
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5 Responses to Family Research DNA Project Started

  1. Stacey says:

    I have took a DNA test on an other site I have to take one here too.
    What DNA test I beef

  2. Chris Rablee says:

    Just bought the Y700 kit. Very excited about it coming. See you there soon!

    • Robert S. Robblee says:

      Hello, Chris. I do hope that you have seen your results by now and do hope there will be a chance to compare results.
      Bob Robblee

  3. Bob Robblee says:

    Good Morning. I recently took the Ancestry DNA test and in the past took the YDNA test. And now, here, finally, I see a couple of other folks have done as well. I will be in contact with them to see where they fit on our tree and if? it connects to me.
    Hope to hear soon.
    Bob Robblee

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