We have assembled a number of documents here to aid in family history research and enable sharing of information.  Nearly all of these documents are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), so the user will need to have Adobe Acrobat or similar PDF reader software.  This page will be updated regularly as documents are added. These resources are organized by when they were added to the site, with the oldest documents appearing first.

All documents listed below are not password protected and are easily downloaded.

Presumed Descendants of William Rublier and Abigail Brush.  Cindy Walcott’s compilations (May 2007 and May 2011) are no longer available from this site, as that work has been superceded by publications in the fall 2018 and available below.

One of our researchers (Gloria Waldron Hukle) provided a news release regarding 2007’s 350th anniversary recognition of the Flushing Remonstrance–a plea for religious freedom sent to Peter Stuyvesant, director general of the Dutch Colony of New Netherland. The Bowne House Historical Society is looking for descendants of the signers, as well as Stuyvesant and his sheriff, Resolved Waldron. The news release is available here.  Why would the Roblees care about this?  Because one of Resolved Waldron’s descendants–William Waldron–married Judah Brodt (Bradt) in 1804 and produced 14 Waldrons, four of whom married Roblees.  Gloria has written a brief article on the connections.

Descendants of  Ruben and Phebe Roblee – Compiled by G. W. Carpenter, Revised April 1949 (Adobe PDF – 6.6 MB)

Supplemental Manuscript on the Roblee Genealogy — Compiled by George W. Carpenter, June 1949 (Adobe PDF – 1.9 MB)

Robblee bibliography (Adobe PDF – 124K) – This 24-page bibliography contains details from the publications listed. It was prepared by Cindy Walcott in August 1998.

Rapalje bibliography (Adobe PDF – 39K) – This 8-page bibliography contains details from the publications listed. It was updated by Cindy Walcott in November 1998.

Census information (Adobe PDF  – 51K) for New York and New England states.  This two-page data compilation was prepared by Phil Roblee in November 1998 using information supplied by Connie Roblee.

Milton Roblee 1928 obituary (Adobe PDF – 440 KB)

Name variations alphabetically sorted (Adobe PDF – 47 KB) – Prepared by Douglas Detling

Name variations sorted  by date (Adobe PDF – 47 KB) – Prepared by Douglas Detling

The following documents represented the work of many individuals, especially principal compiler Cindy Walcott, Bob Robblee (for work on John Robblee), and some contributions from others. Individuals using the files should respect these great contributions to the family history, and share the files only after giving credit for this research. As Cindy notes in the publications, they should be used with caution in some instances, and not cited as “fact” when the work is sometimes speculative, however well informed.

Readers will want to start with the document about our Unknown Rublier. This document lays out the possible relationships among the families with the surname Rublier (Rublear, Rublere, Rubleer) living in Huntington, Long Island (Suffolk Co.), New York in the 1730s. From there, you can choose one of the the other documents, each of which treat the descendants of one couple who settled in a different geographic area in the United States or Canada.

These files are fully searchable, and include sources and an index, in order to make them as useful as possible. If you find errors or omissions, please let us know. We are always looking to improve the quality of our research. And, we are always looking for that clue that will help us to identify Unknown Rublier.

The Presumed Descendants of ____ [Unknown] Rublier of Huntington, Long Island, NY (Adobe PDF – 180 KB)

The Descendants of William Robblee and Keturah Baker of Lanesborough, MA
 (Adobe PDF – 1.85 MB)

Some Descendants of Andrew Roblyer of Orange Co., NY (Adobe PDF – 541 KB)

The Descendants of Reuben Robblee and his wife Abigail Brush of Dutchess Co., NY, Lanesborough, MA and Granville, NY
(Adobe PDF – 3.02 MB)

The Descendants of John Robblee, Loyalist, and his wife Susannah Baker of Dutchess Co., NY & Nova Scotia, Canada (Adobe PDF – 1.53 MB)

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