Seeking a Polina Robblee (Case) Blair Descendent

An e-mail message was sent to the Roblee mailing list at RootsWeb by Cindy Walcott, a dedicated member of the Roblee Researchers group.  The message is quoted below. Cindy and I agreed to assemble a document, post here on our site, and share this information, and perhaps ultimately the Bible itself, with a descendent of Polina (Robblee) (Case) Blair.  If a reader is a descendent of Polina, and wishes to possession of this Bible, please contact Cindy by e-mail (her address is shown below.

Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 19:10:54 -0500

From: Cindy Walcott <>
Subject: [ROBLEE] You never know what your day will bring

Today at work I received a message from Marc DeLorenzo.  It turns out that he is in possession of the Family Bible of Polina (Robblee) (Case) Blair. Here is how it came into his possession:

“My uncle dealt in antiques etc. and did the road show circuit.  In 1982 (when I was only 12), I worked a weekend show with him, and as payment, he let me choose an item to take home.  I love history, so the bible was really cool to me and I accepted it as my payment.  I have had it ever since.  It was already in the current condition when I received it.

“I have dreamed of bringing it back to the family who could appreciate it, and it looks like after many hours I may have done so!”

Marc sent images of the family history entries, and will be sending me the Bible itself. I will regard myself as its temporary custodian. It may be that a descendant of Polina will be identified. In that case, I will re-gift it.

Doug, I am thinking that we could post the images of the pages on our web site. I know that I should figure out how to do that myself, but most likely will require your help.

I am copying Marc on this message. I want him to know how much we all appreciate his stewardship of this Bible over the years.


The document we produced is shared through the link below. In it, you will find three things: (1) a transcription of the Family Register contained the Bible; (2) a register report that summarizes what is known about Polina and her family and (3) images of the Bible itself.

The file may be downloaded, and is not password protected. It may open in your browser, or you may wish to save/print the file.

Images_of_Family_Bible_Polina_(Robblee)_(Case)_Blair_c_1813 [PDF] – 1.7 MB



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