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  1. William "Jay" Robblee says:

    I just read your article about the “descendants of loyalists” and had to fill in some blanks for you. On page 81 para 251 you mention Frank and Ida Robblee who were my grandparents, and their son James “Gordon”, who was my father. Also on page123 para 495 my father and mother James “Gordon” and Evelyn( Sheeley) Robblee. I, like my father go by my middle name. Gordon and Evelyn had 2 sons Frank Gordon born 3/11/47 And William “Jay” born 1/21/51. My father and Norma never bore children together although she may have adopted Frank. Feel free to contact me if you need anything else. Jay

  2. Cindy Walcott says:

    Thank you Jay. Glad you found us! Your clarification and additional information are both helpful.

    • jay Robblee says:

      You’re welcome Cindy. If you have any questions about our little portion of the family, feel free to contact me about it.

  3. Wendy Gill says:

    Wow! The internet is amazing! Glad I found this site, although my grandfather was a Rublee.

  4. Suzanne Robblee says:

    Thanks so much for all this work. I recently visited Nova Scotia and was thrilled to find the graves of my great grandparents and great great grandparents in Granville. I would never have done this without the information posted here. It was fantastic to finally see where my grandfather John K. Robblee came from after all these years. I will be interested to see if anyone comes up with more information about our forebears. Thank you again!!

  5. Len Skuggevik says:

    Hello to my distant cousins! I have been tracking my family tree for a few years now and it has led me here. I can give you the updates on a branch from the first Calvin. In direct line my branch goes Calvin, Lyman, Calvin, Fannie Jane Harrison, Muriel Smith, Gertrude Jane Skuggevik, James Robert Skuggevik, me, and then my kids. I have my tree on and would be happy to share all of the information. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in creating this site and researching the family…. This is amazing.

  6. Stacey Marie(mills) Pakusch says:

    I can’t sign up for this won’t let me in my grandma is Beatrice Roblee the youngest out of nine brother and sisters. How do I take the DNA test help me please.

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