William Rublier ‘Presumed’ Descendants Updated

Cindy Walcott, on behalf of those researching the Roblee family, has updated her earlier work on the presumed descendants of William Rublier and Abigail Brush.  The report is available for downloading from the link below.  Here’s Cindy’s introduction to the report:

This report is named the “Presumed” Descendants of William Rublier and Abigail Brush because we don’t know with certainty that the children listed below really are their children.  William and Abigail lived and had children in Huntington, Long Island, New York at the same time as Andrew Rublier and his two wives, the first named Hannah Brush and the second Abigail Hawkins.   There are a number of baptisms recorded between 1729 and 1740, but the parents of the individuals baptized are not given.  Researchers of these families have assigned children to each couple based on the best information available, but we could be wrong.  This report focuses on those families we believe are the children of William and Abigail.  Among the children we assume to be Andrew’s were John and Thomas Robblee.  Both were Loyalists and settled in Nova Scotia.  Bob Robblee is the primary researcher of their descendants and is expected to post a report on them.

Beyond this first generation, there are also some family connections made on the basis of an educated guess. If that is so, I have clearly indicated I also include “questions to myself” that reflect my thinking.  For instance: I ask myself “Was Lucia possibly a Benson?” based on the placement of her gravestone in the Jericho Center, VT cemetery.  I have tried to identify questions, speculations, and theories by using a red font, but I may have missed some.

I would ask that anyone using this report not turn “speculation” into “fact” when using the data for his or her own purposes.  I welcome any questions, criticisms, confirmations, rebuttals, etc.  My interest is in placing all of the individuals in their own families, locations and historical context.

Note: The document is no longer available as it has been superceded by five reports available in the fall of 2018. See the Resources page of this web site.

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